Picture of Devon Toews celebrating his new contract extension with the Colorado Avalanche.
The latest Colorado Avalanche news feature the team signing defenseman Devon Toews to a seven-year contract extension worth $50.75 million.

In recent Colorado Avalanche news, it has been announced that they have signed defenseman Devon Toews to a seven-year contract valued at $50.75 million. This contract will result in a $7.25 million yearly salary cap hit for the Avs.

Was this a huge overpay for Toews, or is he worth every penny? I will let you decide in the comments below.

At the 2014 NHL entry draft, the New York Islanders selected Devon Toews in the fourth round as the 108th overall pick. Throughout his 6-season career, he has played 316 games and accumulated 185 points. He has also scored 45 playoff points in 67 games.

Toew’s new contract features a no-move clause in 2024-2025 and a modified 12-team no-trade clause in 2026-2031.

What does the Devon Toews contract mean for the Colorado Avalanche?

To get an idea of how Devon Toews’s contract impacts the Colorado Avalanche’s projected cap space for the 2023-24 season, check out the updated salary cap information for the team.

The Avs currently have $0 available cap space for the coming season.

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Devon Toews contract breakdown


What are NHL fans saying about the Colorado Avalanche signing Devon Toews?

Seven year deal for a 30-year old defenseman is a big risk and too much salary. Do not like this signing.

Excellent deal for the Avs. He would have received an $8-$9 million deal next year in free agency.

What a mistake the Islanders made when they traded him away.

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