Adam Henrique in Colorado Avalanche Jersey
Could the Avs, Sabres, and Ducks pull off a complex trade for Adam Henrique?

The NHL rumors mill is churning as we approach the trade deadline, and one of the most intriguing whispers involves a potential three-team blockbuster. Rumors suggest that the Colorado Avalanche, Buffalo Sabres, and Anaheim Ducks may be working on a complex trade centered around veteran forward Adam Henrique.

According to NHL Network’s NHL Tonight segment, the Avalanche have pinpointed Henrique as a key target to bolster their scoring depth and playoff experience. However, acquiring the Ducks’ captain won’t be a simple transaction.

Breaking Down the Potential Adam Henrique Three-Team Trade

To make this trade financially feasible, the Buffalo Sabres would reportedly step in as a third team. Here’s the potential breakdown:

  • Anaheim Ducks:┬áReceive Colorado’s 2024 1st Round Pick, and retain 25% of Henrique’s salary.
  • Buffalo Sabres: Receive Colorado’s 2024 4th Round Pick, retain 50% of Henrique’s salary.
  • Colorado Avalanche: Acquire Adam Henrique

Why This Trade Makes Sense

From Colorado’s perspective, Henrique brings Stanley Cup-winning pedigree, a knack for clutch goals, and valuable versatility. For Anaheim, this move signals a continued rebuild, netting them a valuable first-round pick. Buffalo, rebuilding themselves, accumulates a draft asset while taking on some salary for the short term.

Where to Find the Latest News

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