Catch Every Colorado Avalanche Game: TV Channels and Streaming Guide

Are you a die-hard Colorado Avalanche fan looking to catch every game this season? You’ve come to the right place for the most comprehensive guide on the Colorado Avalanche TV schedule, including detailed information on what channels to tune into for today’s Avs game.

What Channel Is the Avalanche Game On Today?

The channel broadcasting the Colorado Avalanche game can vary depending on the day and opponent. Generally, local games are aired on Altitude Sports, the team’s official broadcaster. For national broadcasts, check out networks like NBCSN, NHL Network, or ESPN. To find out the exact channel for tonight’s game, always check the updated schedule on our site.

What time is the Colorado Avalanche Game Tonight?

Game times are subject to change, but typically, weekday games start around 7 PM MT, while weekend games can have varied start times. For the most accurate information on game times, visit our regularly updated Colorado Avalanche schedule section.

Streaming Options for Avalanche Fans

Can’t make it to a TV? No problem. There are multiple streaming options available for watching the Avalanche games live. Services like NHL.TV, Hulu Live TV, Sling TV, and FuboTV offer comprehensive coverage of NHL games, including all Avalanche matchups. Remember, regional blackouts may apply, so check the availability in your area.

Stay updated with all things related to the Colorado Avalanche and never miss a game! Our website is your go-to source for the latest Avs schedule, game times, and channel listings. Go Avalanche!

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What channel is the Avs game on tonight | Avalanche game today

DateAvs Game TodayTime ETTV Station
Sun, 9/24Minnesota3:00 PMESPN+
Mon, 9/25Vegas9:00 PMNHL Network/ESPN+
Thu, 9/28at Minnesota10:00 PMSN1
Sun, 10/1Dallas7:00 PMNHL Network
Wed, 10/4at Dallas8:00 PM
Thu, 10/5Vegas10:00 PMTNT
Regular Season
10/11/2023@ Los Angeles Kings10:00 PMTNT
10/14/2023@ San Jose Sharks10:00 PMAltitude
10/17/2023@ Seattle Kraken10:00 PMESPN
10/19/2023 Chicago Blackhawks10:30 PMESPN
10/21/2023 Carolina Hurricanes9:00 PMAltitude
10/24/2023@ New York Islanders8:00 PMNHLPP|ESPN+
10/26/2023@ Pittsburgh Penguins7:00 PMAltitude
10/29/2023@ Buffalo Sabres1:00 PMAltitude
11/1/2023 St. Louis Blues9:30 PMTNT
11/4/2023@ Vegas Golden Knights10:00 PMAltitude
11/7/2023 New Jersey Devils10:00 PMTNT
11/9/2023 Seattle Kraken9:00 PMAltitude
11/11/2023 St. Louis Blues9:00 PMAltitude
11/13/2023@ Seattle Kraken10:00 PMAltitude
11/15/2023 Anaheim Ducks9:00 PMAltitude
11/18/2023@ Dallas Stars9:00 PMAltitude
11/20/2023@ Nashville Predators8:00 PMAltitude
11/22/2023 Vancouver Canucks10:00 PMAltitude
11/24/2023@ Minnesota Wild8:30 PMTNT
11/25/2023 Calgary Flames10:00 PMAltitude
11/27/2023 Tampa Bay Lightning9:00 PMAltitude
11/30/2023@ Arizona Coyotes9:00 PMAltitude
12/2/2023@ Anaheim Ducks10:00 PMAltitude
12/3/2023@ Los Angeles Kings8:00 PMAltitude
12/5/2023 Anaheim Ducks9:00 PMAltitude
12/7/2023 Winnipeg Jets9:00 PMAltitude
12/9/2023 Philadelphia Flyers9:00 PMAltitude
12/11/2023 Calgary Flames9:30 PMAltitude
12/13/2023 Buffalo Sabres10:00 PMTNT
12/16/2023@ Winnipeg Jets7:00 PMAltitude
12/17/2023 San Jose Sharks8:00 PMAltitude
12/19/2023@ Chicago Blackhawks8:30 PMAltitude
12/21/2023 Ottawa Senators9:00 PMAltitude
12/23/2023 Arizona Coyotes9:00 PMAltitude
12/27/2023@ Arizona Coyotes9:00 PMAltitude
12/29/2023@ St. Louis Blues8:00 PMAltitude
12/31/2023 San Jose Sharks8:00 PMAltitude
1/2/2024 New York Islanders9:00 PMAltitude
1/4/2024@ Dallas Stars8:00 PMAltitude
1/6/2024 Florida Panthers4:00 PMAltitude
1/8/2024 Boston Bruins9:00 PMAltitude
1/10/2024 Vegas Golden Knights10:00 PMTNT
1/13/2024@ Toronto Maple Leafs7:00 PMAltitude
1/15/2024@ Montreal Canadiens7:00 PMAltitude
1/16/2024@ Ottawa Senators7:00 PMAltitude
1/18/2024@ Boston Bruins7:00 PMAltitude
1/20/2024@ Philadelphia Flyers1:00 PMAltitude
1/24/2024 Washington Capitals9:30 PMAltitude
1/26/2024 Los Angeles Kings9:00 PMAltitude
2/5/2024@ New York Rangers7:00 PMAltitude
2/6/2024@ New Jersey Devils7:00 PMESPN+/hulu
2/8/2024@ Carolina Hurricanes8:00 PMAltitude
2/10/2024@ Florida Panthers6:00 PMAltitude
2/13/2024@ Washington Capitals7:00 PMAltitude
2/15/2024@ Tampa Bay Lightning7:00 PMAltitude
2/18/2024 Arizona Coyotes6:00 PMAltitude
2/20/2024 Vancouver Canucks9:00 PMAltitude
2/22/2024@ Detroit Red Wings7:00 PMAltitude
2/24/2024 Toronto Maple Leafs7:00 PMAltitude
2/27/2024 Dallas Stars9:00 PMESPN+/hulu
2/29/2024@ Chicago Blackhawks9:00 PMESPN
3/2/2024@ Nashville Predators6:00 PMAltitude
3/4/2024 Chicago Blackhawks9:00 PMAltitude
3/6/2024 Detroit Red Wings9:30 PMTNT
3/8/2024 Minnesota Wild9:00 PMAltitude
3/12/2024@ Calgary Flames9:00 PMAltitude
3/13/2024@ Vancouver Canucks10:30 PMAltitude
3/16/2024@ Edmonton Oilers10:00 PMAltitude
3/19/2024@ St. Louis Blues8:00 PMAltitude
3/22/2024 Columbus Blue Jackets9:00 PMAltitude
3/24/2024 Pittsburgh Penguins2:00 PMTNT
3/26/2024 Montreal Canadiens9:00 PMAltitude
3/28/2024 New York Rangers9:00 PMAltitude
3/30/2024 Nashville Predators6:00 PMAltitude
4/1/2024@ Columbus Blue Jackets7:00 PMAltitude
4/4/2024@ Minnesota Wild8:00 PMAltitude
4/5/2024@ Edmonton Oilers9:00 PMAltitude
4/7/2024 Dallas Stars10:00 PMESPN
4/9/2024 Minnesota Wild9:30 PMESPN
4/13/2024 Winnipeg Jets4:00 PMAltitude
4/14/2024@ Vegas Golden Knights3:30 PMTNT
4/18/2024 Edmonton Oilers9:30 PMESPN


  1. I would like to know why when you have the best fans in Denver Colorado you blackout the games to the Home fans aren’t we deserving of being able to watch the games of our home team who makes this decision and how can it be changed sincerely

    • Hi Lynda, here is the explanation on Avs games being blacked out:

      The blackout of Colorado Avalanche games, or any local NHL team’s games, is primarily a result of the broadcasting rights agreements between the NHL, regional sports networks (RSNs), and national broadcasters. These blackouts are put in place to protect the financial interests of these entities and encourage attendance at the arena. Here’s how it works and what can be done about it:

      Broadcasting Rights and Agreements: RSNs pay a significant amount of money for the exclusive rights to broadcast the games of local teams in their area. The idea is that if fans in the local market can watch all the games on TV, they might be less likely to buy tickets to attend in person. Therefore, to ensure that attendance remains high, certain games are blacked out on national services in the local market, pushing fans to either attend in person or watch through the RSN that holds the local broadcasting rights.

      Contracts and Negotiations: The specific terms of blackouts are detailed in contracts between the leagues, RSNs, and broadcasters. These contracts are complex and negotiated to balance the interests of all parties involved, including the teams, broadcasters, and fans.

      Fan’s Perspective and Pushback: From a fan’s perspective, these policies can be frustrating, especially in the modern era where digital streaming has become more prevalent. Fans who are unable to attend games in person for various reasons believe that they should still have the opportunity to support their team by watching the games on TV or online.

      How Can It Be Changed?: Changing blackout policies is challenging because it involves renegotiating contracts between powerful entities with significant financial interests. However, fan pressure can make a difference. Here are a few steps fans can take:

      Voice Your Concerns: Contact the Avalanche’s front office, the NHL, and the RSN that broadcasts the games. Expressing your dissatisfaction through official channels can bring attention to the issue.
      Use Social Media and Petitions: These platforms can amplify your voice. A well-organized campaign that gains enough traction can lead to discussions among the decision-makers.
      Support Legal or Legislative Actions: In some cases, fans have banded together to support legal or legislative actions that aim to change blackout policies. Keeping informed and supporting these initiatives can potentially lead to change.


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