Juraj Slafkovsky sitting on a stack of money waiting to see if he will be offered a long-term contract extension?
Should the Canadiens sign Juraj Slafkovsky to a big contract?

The Montreal Canadiens have a big decision looming this summer: should they commit to young star Juraj Slafkovsky with a long-term contract extension? The first overall pick in the 2022 NHL Draft is enjoying a breakout second season after a disappointing rookie year.

Slafkovsky’s development has been a revelation for the Habs. After posting just 10 points in 39 games last season, he’s exploded to the tune of 38 points (15 goals, 23 assists) through 69 games in 2023-24. This surge in production has fueled NHL trade rumors suggesting Montreal should get a deal done in the offseason before it potentially becomes significantly more expensive.

Should the Canadiens Lock Up Juraj Slafkovsky Now?

Naturally, any long-term contract carries a significant risk for the team. There’s always the chance that a young player won’t live up to those expectations. However, if Slafkovsky’s trajectory continues on this path, Montreal could lock in a core piece at a bargain price.

While there’s a gamble involved, the Canadiens should strongly consider securing Slafkovsky’s services for the foreseeable future. Young, dynamic forwards are valuable assets, and the Habs are witnessing his star potential emerge.

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