Montreal Canadiens and Los Angeles Kings logos with the headline: NHL Trade Rumor
Could Pierre-Luc Dubois join the Habs? We break down a potential Canadiens-Kings trade rumor.

The NHL trade rumor mill is swirling with whispers of a potential blockbuster deal between the Montreal Canadiens and the Los Angeles Kings this off-season.

At the heart of these rumblings is the disenchanted Kings center Pierre-Luc Dubois. Could this mean a second chance for the Canadiens to land the talented but enigmatic forward?

Dubois to Montreal? Analyzing the Canadiens-Kings Trade

Why the Canadiens do it

It’s no secret that the Canadiens had their eye on Dubois last season before he was ultimately traded to the Kings. As things haven’t exactly panned out for Dubois in Los Angeles, a change of scenery could reignite his potential. Montreal has a history of reviving struggling players, and Dubois’s dynamic skillset would be a tremendous boost to their offense.

Why the Kings do it

Moving Dubois and his substantial contract won’t be easy for the Kings. Taking on Josh Anderson’s equally hefty contract is the likely price they’ll have to pay. However, along with Anderson, the Canadiens offer a promising young defenseman in Justin Barron, an intriguing forward in Jesse Ylönen, and a 2024 second-round pick (originally belonging to Colorado) to sweeten the deal. This offers a chance at a reset and adds some much-needed assets for LA.

The Buzz is Real. What Happens Next?

While this remains pure speculation for now, the logic behind this potential trade makes it intriguing. Would the Canadiens gamble on Dubois’s unrealized potential? Could the Kings see this deal as their best way to move forward? Only time will tell, but this rumor is definitely one to watch.

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  1. The only way the Habs would be interested in the above deal is if LA retained a minimum of 25% of Dubois’ salary.

  2. I would not make this deal The chemistry of this team seems to be moving forward in a positive way. The team itself has improved a lot over the last two years, and the future looks bright. Bringing in this player and his contract would immediately make him the highest payed player…….wrong. If it’s a matter of getting rid of Andersons’ contract then just make a separate dumping deal to a team in need of a pick or two in the middle rounds Too much risk involved in acquiring this player. His first year in LA and he didn’t perform that well at all. Please do not make this deal


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