Penguins goalie Tristan Jarry making a save.
Penguins' Tristan Jarry under fire. Could a blockbuster trade be brewing? Get the latest rumors here.

The Pittsburgh Penguins goaltending situation is starting to boil over. After signing Tristan Jarry to a lucrative five-year contract last summer, the Penguins starter has failed to meet expectations. His struggles have been well-documented, leading to veteran Alex Nedeljkovic taking over the top spot.

The Athletic’s Rob Rossi believes Penguins GM Kyle Dubas must revamp the team’s goaltending in the offseason. Jarry isn’t living up to the value of his $5.375 million cap hit. He’s been wildly inconsistent throughout his career, with stellar performances often followed by dismal ones. With promising prospect Joel Blomqvist ready to graduate to the NHL, it may be time to give the youngster a chance.

Could the Penguins Make a Desperation Trade to Move Tristan Jarry?

The problem? Trading Jarry won’t be easy. His hefty contract, combined with his 12-team no-trade clause, will severely limit Dubas’s options. It might take swallowing a bitter pill to move him – retaining salary, adding a prized prospect to the deal, or even taking on another undesirable contract to make things work.

Are the Penguins ready to make that kind of desperate move, effectively admitting a costly mistake? The offseason drama in Pittsburgh is only beginning.

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