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Could Clayton Keller be on the move to Montreal? Read the latest trade analysis and why this blockbuster might make sense.

The NHL rumors mill is always churning, and one of the hottest names floating around lately is Clayton Keller. The dynamic forward, and centerpiece of the Salt Lake City Coyotes, has been the subject of intense trade speculation. And the most persistent whispers link him with a potential move to the Montreal Canadiens.

While a Keller trade seems unlikely on the surface, there’s enough smoke to suggest there might be fire. Here’s why both teams might consider this blockbuster:

Canadiens and Coyotes: A Blockbuster Trade in the Making?

Why the Canadiens do the deal

The Montreal Canadiens are a team in transition. After a lengthy rebuild, they’re eager to take the next step and become a playoff contender again. Acquiring Clayton Keller would be a massive signal of intent. Keller is a proven scorer, consistently putting up 70-point seasons even on a rebuilding Coyotes team. He’s exactly the offensive spark plug that could elevate the Habs from cellar dwellers to playoff contenders.

Why the Coyotes do the deal

The Salt Lake City Coyotes are deep in rebuild mode. While Keller is an incredible talent and a beloved face of the franchise, his value might never be higher. Trading a star player for high-potential assets is a classic ingredient in rebuild recipes. In this deal, the Coyotes would gain a top-tier prospect in David Reinbacher, a coveted first-round draft pick, and a serviceable roster player in Jake Evans. This kind of return could significantly accelerate their path back to competitiveness.

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