Marc-Andre Fleury in goalie gear speculated as Colorado Avalanche's next big trade acquisition
Discover the latest on the Avalanche's interest in Marc-Andre Fleury. Will the Wild's goalie move to boost the Avs' netminding?

As the NHL trade deadline approaches, the rumblings from the Colorado Avalanche camp are getting louder, and the name on everyone’s lips is Marc-Andre Fleury.

NHL insider Elliotte Friedman stirred the pot on his 32 Thoughts Podcast, suggesting the Avalanche’s recent goaltending woes might lead them to the doorstep of the Minnesota Wild. The question is, will Marc-Andre Fleury, with a no-trade clause firmly in place, entertain the idea of defending the net for the Avalanche?

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Exploring the Avalanche’s Potential Trade for Marc-Andre Fleury

The Avalanche’s journey to potentially acquiring Fleury is fraught with complexities, not least of which is his substantial $3.5 million cap hit. This figure presents a significant challenge for the cap-strapped Avalanche. To navigate these financial straits, the Wild might need to consider retaining a portion of Fleury’s salary, a move that would likely necessitate an enticing sweetener from the Avalanche to facilitate the trade.

Despite these hurdles, the strategic fit is undeniable. Fleury’s veteran presence and playoff pedigree could be the linchpin the Avalanche needs to solidify their goaltending department. With the Wild’s position in the playoff picture looking increasingly precarious, the timing might just align for a mutually beneficial deal. However, Fleury’s willingness to waive his no-trade clause remains a pivotal, yet uncertain, piece of this puzzle.

If the Avalanche can orchestrate this trade, it would send a resounding message about their commitment to a deep playoff run. However, the delicacy of the cap situation and the intricacies of Fleury’s contract and no-trade clause make this potential trade a fascinating narrative to follow as the deadline looms.

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