Brendan Gallagher receiving a match penalty for illegal check on Adam Pelech in an NHL game
Discover the potential suspension length for Brendan Gallagher after his hit on Adam Pelech, plus get the latest on Canadiens trades, salary cap, and TV schedule.

In the National Hockey League, actions that compromise player safety are met with swift and decisive scrutiny. This principle was put to the test recently when Montreal Canadiens forward Brendan Gallagher received a match penalty for an illegal check to the head of New York Islanders defenseman Adam Pelech.

The controversial incident, which took place in the third period of Thursday night’s game, has stirred up a significant discussion in the NHL community, raising questions about the appropriate disciplinary measures for such infractions.

Exploring the Aftermath of Gallagher’s Hit on Pelech: Suspension Insights & Canadiens Updates

Gallagher, known for his gritty and intense style of play, seemed to overstep the boundaries when he launched his right elbow into Pelech’s head well after the latter had released the puck at center ice. The impact of the hit was immediately apparent, sending Pelech to the ice where he remained for several tense moments, clutching his head.

The officials, recognizing the severity of the situation, took no time in reviewing the play and subsequently ejecting Gallagher from the game, awarding the Islanders a five-minute power play.

The absence of Pelech for the remainder of the game did not go unnoticed, and Islanders coach Patrick Roy’s post-game comments highlighted the seriousness with which the team is approaching the incident. While Roy refrained from speculating on the league’s response, his expectation of a thorough review underscores the gravity of Gallagher’s actions.

Speculation is rife regarding the length of suspension Gallagher might face. In similar past incidents, the NHL’s Department of Player Safety has not hesitated to impose substantial suspensions, especially when the act in question involves a hit to the head. Considering Gallagher’s history and the clear evidence of a rule violation, it wouldn’t be surprising to see him sidelined for several games.

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Video of Brendan Gallagher’s hit on Adam Pelech

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