Binnington vs Fleury fight denied by refs
Jordan Binnington receives a match penalty for a blocker punch, then the refs deny a Marc-Andre Fleury fight vs Binnington.

St. Louis Blues goalie Jordan Binnington has been a loose cannon the past few years and he displayed his wacky behavior again in last nights game against the Minnesota Wild.

In the video below, you can see Wild forward Ryan Hartman scoring on Binnington and brushing Binnington’s leg after he scored and Binnington loosing it and skating over to Hartman and punching him in the face with his blocker.

Binnington received a match penalty for the punch to the face. In the video below Wild goalie Marc-Andre Fleury wanted to fight Binnington but the refs denied us from seeing a sweet goalie fight.

Video of Marc-Andre Fleury vs Jordan Binnington goalie fight denied

What are fans saying about the Jordan Binnington match penalty?

Love the fire that Binnington has, can the Philadelphia Flyers get this kid!!!

We will never see another goalie fight in the NHL again. One of the rarest exciting instances and officials stop it every single time

I think the whole league wanted to see Marc-Andre-Fleury give it to Binnington.


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