Trevor Zegras contract
Do the Anaheim Ducks want to commit a big long-term contract with Trevor Zegras or will he sign a bridge deal?

Trevor Zegras is in the final year of his entry level contract and questions are starting to rise if the Anaheim Ducks want to commit big dollars to Zegras long-term.

A short term bridge deal might be in the cards until he cleans up his flashy style of play.

Will Trevor Zegras sign a long-term contract extension?

Nick Kypreos put out a piece on the Toronto Star and stated he has his doubts on Trevor Zegras’ longevity with the Ducks. 

Zegras has been working with his skills coach Adam Oates to help him have a more complete game and not just focus on his “Instagram skill”.

Zegras would like to sign a long-term contract in the $8-$9 million range but the Ducks management might not want to commit to that term just yet until he improves his defensive skills.

What are NHL fans saying about the Trevor Zegras contract?

If he could work on his basic fundamentals then he will be the complete player the Ducks want him to be.

Love Zegras, needs to improve that -21 rating. He will get paid though.

Zegras will re-sign. Yes he is ranked Ranked 68th overall in points on a team built to rebuild.
Terry, Mctavish are both highly skilled as well. When the teams other prospects arrive and the Ducks make moves into win now mode, Anaheim is going to be a beast in the west. They’re building a dynasty!

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