Learn about NHL betting terms and what they mean
Read about the latest NHL betting tips to help you understand what NHL Futures, moneyline, puck line bets and NHL live betting mean.

Hockey has been and is a strong favorite for millions. Being a fast-paced,  action-packed, and high-scoring game, it’s not a surprise that many not only watch but also bet on hockey.

When it comes to wide and interesting betting markets, nothing can beat the world’s top hockey league NHL. 

The National Hockey League is currently the focus of attention for the fans. The best hockey teams and top names in the industry gather to showcase upper-class gameplay. The league consists of 32 teams–7 from Canada and 25 from the USA. 

Such a mainstream sport, of course, can be quite lucrative for bettors and bookies alike. They do their best to offer a wide range of interesting NHL betting markets and odds.

Most Popular NHL Betting Markets 

NHL betting is a straightforward process. All the bookies will provide common bets like Moneyline, Spread Bets, and Totals. Also, they will try to spice up your betting experience by offering various Prop bets.

To get you all set for the game, we have compiled some of the most common NHL betting types in one place. 

Moneyline Bet

Moneyline betting kicks off this list as it’s one of the most popular betting markets in any sport. If you already have betting experience, you may be familiar with this market. But If you are a newbie, you just need to know that Moneyline is simply choosing a team you think will win straight out. 

It, in fact, doesn’t matter how and with whatever score the team wins. As long as they get the winner’s title, you win the bet. The underdog is indicated with positive odds while the favored team has negative odds. The season is ongoing, so keep checking back for new updates and NHL odds. 

Total Bet

Another well-known market is Totals. This market is as simple as backing the winner. The sportsbooks calculate an approximate overall score for the two teams and set a line. Your task is to predict if the final score of the two teams will be higher or lower than the set threshold. Usually, you will see odds like 5.5 over or 6 under for the regular time. 

Puck Line Bet

The puck line is a typical hockey bet that’s very popular among bettors. This is a spread bet, meaning the team needs to cover the so-called spread to win. In puck hockey betting, the favored team gets negative odds like -1,5. So if you choose to back them, the team has to score two more points to win the bet.  Meanwhile, the underdog gets an advantage by receiving positive odds. 

NHL Future Bets

As anticipation grows for hockey games, the fans start placing bets on their favorite teams and possible outcomes. These bets are for the future. The bookies usually offer different future bets like NHL Futures playoff bets, the winner of the cup, or even future bets on the players. But bear in mind, it’s not as easy as it sounds. Placing bets before the game starts requires a lot of knowledge. You should be very sure about your decision. 

NHL Live Betting 

Hockey is an action-packed sport that keeps fans on the edge of their seats. Many fans like spicing up the game even more by placing live bets. These are bets that you can place when the game starts. Some fans may prefer live betting over future bets because they can follow the game live. This will help them to see the progress and make a decision based on it. 

NHL Format 

After getting acquainted with the hockey betting markets it’s time to look at the NHL championship format. As mentioned above, the NHL league has 32 teams. Eight teams will move on to playoffs after the regular season. Afterwards, there will be two more rounds, where the teams compete until the Stanley Cup Final. Stanley Cup is the trophy each team and player dreams of taking home. 

Before presenting the top three picks of this season, here are the champions of the previous three seasons:

Tampa Bay Lightning in 2020 

Tampa Bay Lightning in 2021

Colorado Avalanche in 2022 

Top Teams to Win the NHL 2023

This year the championship demonstrates a great competitive scene as well. Below you can find the top 3 teams that are favored for this season.  

No. 1 Boston Bruins

This season Boston Bruins are considered to be a strong favorite. So far they have demonstrated worthwhile gameplay. Combined with their experience from the previous postseasons, they have shown dominance by odds. The Bruins have a 36 to 5-4 record and, with four wins in a row, have the best record in the Atlantic division. 

The team looks to remain at the top of the Eastern Conference and has been unbelievably good at home this season. Linus Ullmark has been a great goalie in the league, so put everything together, the Boston Bruins are a worthy team to follow this year. 

No. 2 Colorado Avalanche

Let’s not forget the reigning champion Colorado Avalanche. This is one of the best teams and a favorite for the past two seasons. This year the team had several injuries, and the start was hard. Many fans were worried and disappointed. But they are back in the second half. 

Since January 14, the team has demonstrated real power and won 4 games in a row. Nathan MacKinnon showed great gameplay with many assists and Alexandar Georgiev has also been on fire by stopping many shots. So keep an eye out for new updates and predictions.

No. 3 Toronto Maple Leafs

This season the Maple Leafs have stepped up their defense and are showing a great game. In the last 2 games, they have scored 9 goals. Rasmus Sandin and Morgan Rilly have 33 assists putting the offense on the next level. They have also worked on their defense with Mark Giordano, Timothy Liljegren, Rasmus Sandin, and Justin Holl.

The team is strong as ever, ready to fight for the championship title. With the Team’s Overall Rating of 88, the Leafs are No. 2 on this list. 

Hockey is a fascinating sport that attracts a lot of attention. As the NHL season is halfway through, the fans are getting more excited, and anticipation grows daily. Stay tuned and be ready for the big day.


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