Linus Ullmark flashes the glove for a highlight-reel save in a Boston Bruins jersey
Is star goalie Linus Ullmark leaving the Bruins? We analyze trade rumors and his potential landing spots.

Linus Ullmark is easily one of the best goaltenders in the NHL right now. He has been nothing short of stellar between the pipes for the Boston Bruins. His glovework blew fans away this season, with the man saving the puck left, right, and centre.

As he is such an asset for the Bruins, the fans were pretty taken aback by the chatter about him leaving the team. So, is Linus really on the trade block this off-season? Well, let’s analyse this news a bit and see if it holds water.

Ullmark’s recent performance and value

Both fans and pundits have been thoroughly impressed by this goalie’s stats this season. He has racked up a saving percentage that would make any goaltender in the league envious. You can see the focus in his eyes, and his reflexes and puck tracking are excellent. Linus is not just holding his own in the league; he is setting the bar.

One thing is pretty clear: the Bruins would love to have him in their corner. The real question, however, is whether they will be able to keep him, given his ever-increasing market value.

Factors influencing trade rumours

There are a few factors at play here. First, the Bruins’ tight salary cap is a huge issue—it is tighter than a well-taped stick! While it is understandable that Ullmark’s current contract isn’t a bargain, the team might struggle to keep him with Jeremy Swayman taking over as the #1 goalie.

Besides, the current hockey odds heavily favour the Bruins, given their substantial bench depth. The team has some promising young talent that the management might love to explore. Given all this info, the argument favouring Linus’ exit makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it?

Also, some of the trades the Bruins made this last season were quite bold. Don’t be surprised if they sacrifice Linus for a better team balance. 

Potential trade decisions

If Ullmark leaves the Bruins, where will he go? Analysts believe several teams could be interested. The Anaheim Ducks would be a compelling destination, with Ullmark potentially helping them reach playoff contention.

Given their latest performances, teams like the Maple Leafs and Red Wings might also consider a seasoned and experienced netminder. It all boils down to finding the right fit. While teams can benefit from Linus’s experience, he is going to be an expensive buy for most.

The key is finding the right fit. While many teams could benefit from Ullmark’s skill, he’ll be an expensive acquisition. Teams will also be concerned about his injury history, wanting to ensure he’s fully healthy before committing significant resources.

So, what seems to be the census, then? Well, considering everything, most fans and analysts seem to believe there is a good chance Linus Ullmark will leave the Bruins this off-season. And if he is traded, it’ll be a blockbuster move in the NHL market!


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