picture of Connor Bedard in a Chicago Blackhawks jersey.
With the Blackhawks winning the 2023 draft lottery, it means a ton of revenue is pouring in after winning the Connor Bedard Sweepstakes.

The Connor Bedard sweepstakes also known as the 2023 NHL draft lottery was completed last night and the Chicago Blackhawks had the lottery balls fall in their favor and win the #1 overall pick at the 2023 NHL entry draft.

What does it mean for the Blackhawks landing Connor Bedard number one overall?

It means the Chicago Blackhawks have sold more than 500 full season tickets worth over $2.5 million. That’s a pace of revenue of $28,000 a minute last night after the lottery completed.

This past season the Blackhawks had the 3rd lowest capacity percentage in NHL this season. It is amazing on what one player can do for an organization.

What are NHL fans saying about Connor Bedard going to Chicago?

This just confirms that confirming that tanking a season works and should be the goal if you’re not in the playoffs?

This is the Connor Bedard effect. They went from having Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews who had a 535-game consecutive sellout streak at the United Center to getting Connor Bedard. The Madhouse on Madison is gonna be packed for Blackhawks games in the fall.

The Columbus Blue Jackets were selling was selling out the arena when we were neck in neck for last place. I’m not saying it’s rigged but I’m saying it’s jacked up & what timing when one dynasty ends they start a new one immediately. I wish Bedard would have been a Blue Jacket. Columbus deserved it.

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