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For the first time, Gary Bettman admitted that the NHL regular season might not resume and they might go straight into the playoffs.

If the NHL decides to go straight into the playoffs, it is believed they will go by the points every team had at 68 games played. An interesting fact is even if you went by point percentage, the exact same 16 teams would qualify, just the seeding would be different.

How the 2020 NHL Playoffs would look with a 68 game rollback:

Central Division
1 Colorado vs. WC2 Vancouver
2 St. Louis vs. 3 Dallas

Pacific Division
1 Vegas vs. WC1 Nashville
2 Edmonton vs. 3 Calgary       

Metropolitan Division
1 Philadelphia vs. WC1 Carolina
2 Washington vs. 3 Pittsburgh

Atlantic Division
1 Boston vs. WC2 Islanders
2 Tampa vs. 3 Toronto

2020 Playoff Predictions

2020 Eastern Conference Playoffs

Playoff Round 1

Metropolitan Division Match-up
#1 seed Philadelphia FLyers vs #WC1 seed Carolina Hurricanes Carolina wins (4-3)
#2 Washington Capitals vs #3 Pittsburgh Penguins Pittsburgh wins (4-3)
Atlantic Division Match-up
#1 seed Boston Bruins vs #WC2 seed New York Islanders Boston wins (4-1)
#2 Tampa Bay Lightning vs #3 Toronto Maple Leafs Toronto wins (4-3)

Playoff Round 2

Pittsburgh Penguins vs Carolina Pittsburgh wins (4-2)
Boston Bruins vs Toronto Maple Leafs Toronto wins (4-2)

Eastern Conference Finals

Toronto Maple Leafs vs Pittsburgh Penguins Pittsburgh wins (4-3)

2020 Western Conference Playoffs

Playoff Round 1

Central Division Match-up
#1 Colorado Avalanche vs #WC2 Vancouver Canucks Colorado wins (4-2)
#2 St. Louis Blues vs #3 Dallas Stars St. Louis wins (4-1)
Pacific Division Match-up
#1 Vegas Golden Knights vs #WC1 seed Nashville Predators Vegas wins (4-1)
#2 Edmonton Oilers vs #3 Calgary Flamess Edmonton wins (4-3)

Playoff Round 2

Vegas Golden Knights vs Edmonton Oilers Edmonton wins (4-2)
Colorado Avalanche vs St. Louis Blues Colorado wins (4-3)

Western Conference Finals

Edmonton Oilers vs Colorado Avalanche Colorado wins (4-2)

2020 Stanley Cup Finals

Pittsburgh Penguins vs Colorado Avalanche Colorado Wins (4-3)

The Colorado Avalanche win the Stanley Cup!

Remember these are only predictions and a lot can change with injuries, team chemistry, players out of shape because of COVID-19 and other issues.


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