Picture of Connor Hellebuyck. Will the Winnipeg Jets trade or re-sign their star goalie?
The latest NHL trade rumors for the Winnipeg Jets feature Connor Hellebuyck. Will he be traded or re-sign with the team?

Winnipeg Jets all-star goalie Connor Hellebyck has been in the NHL trade rumors mill since the Jets’ season ended in April.

Hellebuyck is seeking a new contract extension with a salary of $9.5 million a year. The Jets are weary of committing to a long-term contract of that value, which has led to rumors of him being traded.

Will the Winnipeg Jets trade Connor Hellebuyck

Connor Hellebuyck does not own a no-trade clause which allows the Winnipeg Jets to trade the Vezina Trophy-winning goalie to any team of their choice.

The issue right now is his $6.17 million salary cap hit and a $7.5 million salary owed to him this year, which few teams want to touch.

NHL trade rumors still have the Buffalo Sabres and New Jersey Devils interested in a Hellebuyck trade, but he is likely starting the season in Winnipeg and will be an NHL trade deadline deal.

What are NHL fans saying about Winnipeg Jets goalie Connor Hellebuyck?

I hope he stays in Winnipeg. We need him and we will pay him.

Chevy better trade Connor Hellebuyck. We can’t let him leave with no return. It would put the franchise in backward mode.

Hellebuyck is not going anywhere. He will be a career Jet. Book it.


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