Picture of William Nylander. Will he be traded to the Colorado Avalanche.
The latest NHL trade rumors for the Colorado Avalanche feature the team making a trade for Toronto Maple Leafs forward William Nylander.

NHL trade rumors are still making the rounds on where William Nylander could end up if the Toronto Maple Leafs do not re-sign him.

With the Leafs using LTIR, they will still be $2,943,950 over the salary cap, leaving many Leaf fans wondering if Nylander will be traded.

The Colorado Avalanche are the latest team to be associated with the Nylander trade saga.

Would Toronto Maple Leafs William Nylander look good in a Colorado Avalanche Jersey?

The latest trade rumor making rounds on social media suggests that William Nylander may be traded to the Colorado Avalanche.

The proposed trade:

To Toronto Maple Leafs

Defenseman Bowen Byram at $3.85 million a year for two more seasons. Will be an RFA when the contract expires.
1st Round Pick in 2024.

To Colorado Avalanche

Right Wing William Nylander completing a sign and trade.

For the trade to happen, Nylander must first agree to a long-term contract extension with the Avalanche. Without the extension, the trade does not get completed.

Share your thoughts on whether the Avalanche should make a trade for Nylander in the comments below.

What are NHL fans saying about William Nylander being traded to the Colorado Avalanche?

I like the trade. Makes sense for both teams. I think the Avalanche would prefer a center, but the trade gives the Leafs a defeseman with great upside.

I can’t see the Avs trading Byram. But I am sure something can be worked out with the first round pick being offered.

As a Leaf fan, I rather see the team target Noah Hanifin for Nylander. But I would also accept this trade.

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  1. Bo Byrum is a better commodity and contract for the Avalanche right now. Plus the Avalanche have their own cap problems. Keep Nylander and the 10 mil contract. Avalanche have to get Mikko and Devon signed for next season before they take any more contracts questionable contracts.

  2. Trading a proven 80-90 point 40 goal scorer for a 22 year old d man with a history of concussions who’s never even played a full season in the NHL. What are you smoking?

  3. Been wanting him to get traded to Colorado for a couple of years now. Just not for Byram. They can have Girard, a middle six forward, prospects, and picks

  4. Please make this trade.

    Matthews is signed. Marner will be signed next offseason. We can’t have Nylander on the team at $10 million a year.


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