Picture of William Nylander. Will he be traded to the St. Louis Blues?
The latest Toronto Maple Leafs rumors have the team trading forward William Nylander to the St. Louis Blues.

As Labour Day weekend winds down, NHL General Managers will be back in the office from their summer vacations and finalizing their rosters before the NHL season starts in October.

It is time to look at one final hypothetical Toronto Maple Leafs rumor of the summer and this one involves forward William Nylander going to the St. Louis Blues.

Will William Nylander be traded to the St. Louis Blues?

The future of William Nylander with the Toronto Maple Leafs remains uncertain. It is unclear whether he will stay with the team, be traded, or be kept until the next offseason to see if he can be re-signed.

What we do know is he is seeking a salary of $10 million a year from the Leafs.

NHL trade rumors on social media suggest the Leafs may trade Nylander to the St. Louis Blues.

The proposed trade:

To St Louis Blues
RW – William Nylander ( $6.96 million a year, free agent next summer)

To Toronto Maple Leafs
RD – Colton Parayko ( $6.50 million a year, under contract for seven more years)
LW – Jake Neighbours ( $835k with two more seasons until restricted free agency )
1st Round Pick in 2024

A blockbuster trade of this magnitude would only work if Nylander agrees to a contract extension with the Blues.

Parayko also owns a no-trade clause and would have to waive it to be traded and rumors from last season suggest he would be open to playing for a Stanley Cup playoff-contending team.

Share your thoughts on what the Leafs should do with Nylander in the comments below.

What are NHL fans saying about a potential William Nylander trade to the St. Louis Blues

I think it is a solid deal for both the Toronto Maple Leafs and St. Louis Blues.

This is an overpay by the Blues. Nylander is not worth $10 million a year and I hope the Blues would not pay that in a trade for Nylander.

As a Leaf fan, I say make that trade. Our top two lines are still pretty solid without Nylander.
Tyler Bertuzzi – Auston Matthews – Mitch Marner
Matthew Knies – John Tavares – Max Domi

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  1. Bottom line is Treliving missed the boat when he had an opportunity to trade the prima donna Marner a the draft. Now it looks like Nylander will be traded, and Marner will walk because Dubas is gone and Trev won’t be paying another kings ransom for a whining puke. Marner can hold another team hostage from moving forward with his overinflated contract. Woo Hoo! Marner gone and Tavares will be right behind him.

  2. I like it, but it’s not even enough.
    Send a mid-to-late draft pick along with Nylander, or a minor leaguer.
    I saw another comment saying Nylander is overpaid. So is Parayko. So it’s give and take lol

    • I don’t know 6’6 230 pounds 150 blocked shots and 120 hits
      Paired with irresponsible Klingberg his 1/2 point a game is going to only go up.

  3. I’d rather the package be Parayko + salary retention vs. the other player + pick. Say what you will about age 32, but he’s a big, 1st pairing RHD who can skate + hit. It’s not like we have an over-abundance of that anywhere on the roster or in the minors, plus the salary retention offers an option to fill any remaining offensive void via FA. Kane, Kessel on a 1-year deal?

  4. I would try Nylander at centering marner and bertuzzi, with Matthew’s centering Tavares and (insert name here). If Nylander can play top line centre, he would be a steal at 10 million. Worth a try, might get more in a trade at deadline

  5. Have to agree with Al Perry…..has to earn his way, to get paid the big bucks….just that he failed the past two years, to make an appearance in the playoffs, failed miserably or was he even on the
    ice…? McDavid & McKinnon both played like they wanted to win !

  6. Colton Parayko will never agree to go to Toronto, he is smarter than that and he controls where to go if he wants to go anywhere. He already said he wants to be in St. Louis

  7. Willie is worth that much but I don’t think the Leafs have that cap space. He had a strong season and was probably our best player in the postseason or second only to Reilly. I’d love for them to find a way to keep him

  8. I’d take the trade. Love willy but he’s not worth 10mil. I think the return is a bit much paranko and a first should be enough. But I’d rather move JT then willy

  9. Parayko won’t waive, the Blues don’t need Nylander and won’t pay him 10+mil when they have Kyrou at just over 8 mil.

    IOW this is just another Leafs fantasy rumor with nothing real behind it.

  10. Well I’m probably in the minority here but I’d make that trade today. Not that I’m want to move Nylander it’s that Parayko, is real need on this backend and locked up for the next seven years. Don’t know anything about Jake neighbor’s is and what his potential is. The first rnd pick would make for either the pick itself or a bargaining chip at the deadline. If you the Blue’s are considering a move like this and Parayko would accept this move I think that Tre would have to put his last and final offer on the table and give Nylander a day or two to consider that he signs or becomes a Blue’s player. Not sure that the Leaf’s would miss Nylander’s production with Berttruzi, Domi and Knies, there to pickup the slack. But the D would be heading in the right direction at least and with two first rnd picks at the deadline picking up another quality defender should be a none issue. Will à deal like this happen, not likely it’s too good to be true. Cheerz 🍻

    • You obviously haven’t watched him play. I’ve seen all his NHL games and he’s definitely worth that. He could have gotten more elsewhere but chose to remain a Leaf. It’s fans like you who run good players out of town with you uninformed and petty comments. Furthermore he has scored more goals than any other player including McDavid and McKinnon since he entered the League!


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