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Will the Toronto Maple Leafs sign Nazem Kadri? Will he be traded?

Kadri wants to be paid like a star. Big money. Long term. Rumors around indicate the two sides aren’t close to a deal.

The Leafs aren’t certain what they have in Kadri, which is why they are reluctant to give him a big, long-term deal. They’d like to sign him to a bridge deal in the $2-3 million range. Kadri wants to hit a home run which will not happen until he proves himself for a few more seasons.

Nazem Kadri Rumors – Contract Talks


  1. kadri won’t be traded, but will hold out until the beginning of the season, as per pk subban. but kadri won’t get a big deal, as the leafs have 5 mill in cap room, and have to resign franson as well. i see kadri signed to a 2 yr deal at 2.5 mill, and franson to that same deal. next yr the cap rises, and the yr after that, then the lucrative contract comes up in discussion. but for now, kadri, just sign short term… your pay day will come, my friend.


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