Picture of Elias Lindholm. Will the Calgary Flames trade him this summer?
Will Elias Lindholm sign a long-term deal with Calgary this summer? If it's a no. He will be traded in the offseason.

The Calgary Flames had a very disappointing year and this has lead to NHL trade rumors making the rounds that some players under contract would like to be moved this offseason.

One player that is popping up in the rumor mill is Elias Lindholm. There will be demand for his services as there is a lack of quality players in the free agent market this summer.

Does Elias Lindholm want out of Calgary?

Darren Dreger was on TSN Radio 1050 and was asked about the Calgary Flames situation and do players want out of Calgary? He confirmed this rumor.

At Elias Lindholm’s exit interview with the media he seemed very skeptical about re-signing with the Calgary Flames. He will be an unrestricted free agent next summer but can sign a long-term deal with the team on July 1.

Lindholm, 28, is a quality center and can put up big numbers when playing with the right line mates and he is not finding that in Calgary anymore playing for a coach like Darryl Sutter.

The Flames would be able to get some good assets in return for Lindholm if they do decide to trade him this summer.

What are Flames fans saying about a potential Elias Lindholm trade?

Wonder if Flames Management are going to grow a brain, and put Sutter out to pasture where he belongs. Flames players do not want to play for this coach.

I can see Lindholm being traded to Columbus. They have some young prospects we could make a deal for.

He does not get along with Darryl Sutter. He will be traded.

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