Evgeni Malkin
NHL trade rumors for July 9, 2022 feature Evgeni Malkin and the Pittsburgh Penguins. Does he re-sign or hit free agency?

NHL trade rumors floated earlier this year that the Pittsburgh Penguins would only be able to sign two of the three big unrestricted free agents they had.

Bryan Rust was the first Pens UFA signed to a long-term deal and now that the Penguins have inked Kris Letang to a 6-year contract extension, that is leaving Evgeni Malkin the odd man out.

Pierre LeBrun was on TSN’s Insider Trading segment and reports there’s some sore feelings right now between Malkin and the Penguins.

LeBrun stated, they’re stuck right now, Malkin wants more than 3 years, there is no word on the amount he is seeking. But Pens GM Ron Hextall seems uninterested in signing Malkin to a deal.

The problem the Penguins will have if they let Malkin walk to free agency is they will have a massive hole at the second-line center position. Who do they sign or trade for to fill that hole if they let Malkin hit free agency?

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