Kirby Dach and Pierre-Luc Dubois
Will the Montreal Canadiens sign Kirby Dach to a long-term deal or trade him as part of a package for Pierre-Luc Dubois?

The Montreal Canadiens acquired Kirby Dach from the Chicago Blackhawks for 1st and 3rd round 2022 draft picks, but he still remains unsigned by the Habs as NHL training camp is just about upon us.

NHL trade rumors have been going around on what will the Canadiens do with Dach? Could he be part of a trade package for Pierre-Luc Dubois?

What options do the Habs have with Kirby Dach?

Kirby Dach signs with the Montreal Canadiens

The scenario is the most likely. The Montreal Canadiens are trying to work out a deal with Kirby Dach.

Eric Engels reports one of the options being discussed is a four-year deal at around a $3.5M AAV for Dach.

If Dach does agree to a four-year deal with the Habs, he’ll be one year away from UFA status. The Habs would still own his rights which would be huge if the former 2019 3rd overall pick lives up to his potential.

Will Kirby Dach be traded?

If a deal cannot be reached, Habs GM Kent Hughes will look at trading Kirby Dach.

NHL Rumors floated around earlier this summer that the Habs acquired Dach for the purposes of trading him with a few other assets to the Winnipeg Jets for Pierre-Luc Dubois.

In closing, Kirby Dach most likely signs with the Canadiens, but if somehow a deal cannot be reached, look for the Habs to try real hard at landing Dubois and Dach being part of a trade package.

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