Jakob Chychrun nixes trade to Columbus
Jakob Chychrun says no to the Columbus Blue Jackets. Will he stay a Coyotes or be traded to the Ottawa Senators?

Jakob Chychrun has been in the NHL trade rumors mill all summer long and it appears a trade was worked out between the Columbus Blue Jackets and Arizona Coyotes for Chychrun, but he nixed the deal.

“I don’t know. I’m signed for 3 more years. The trajectory of where the team is going & a lot of that stuff is important to me. I want to be in a position where I’m getting to play a week from now, not packing up.”

Jakob Chychrun

Why did Jakob Chychrun say no to the Columbus Blue Jackets?

Blue Jackets GM Jarmo Kekalainen held the 6th and 12th overall draft picks at the 2022 NHL Entry Draft and was willing to trade one of both for a young player with term on his contract.

We know that player was Chychrun. So why was no trade made?

Chychrun lacked a no-trade clause this summer, so he could have been traded. It is possible that if Chychrun was traded, he would not of reported to camp, so no deal was made.

Keep in mind, all this happened around July 5, before the Blue Jackets shocked the hockey world with the signing of Johnny Gaudreau.

When will Jakob Chychrun be traded?

If Jakob Chychryn is not traded before the NHL pre-season starts in a few weeks, you have to think the next best opportunity for the Coyotes to maximize their return on a Chychrun trade would be at the NHL trade deadline.

Based on Chychrun’s pull quote above, maybe he does not want to be traded. Maybe he see’s the Coyotes as a contender in a year or two. Maybe he wants to be on the team when Auston Matthews arrives in two-years time. (joking Leaf fans)

The Ottawa Senators is Jakob Chychrun’s likely destination

The Ottawa Senators have been tied to Jakob Chychrun all summer long. They have the young assets that the Coyotes desire and based off NHL playoff predictions for 2023 they could be a playoff team, if not this year, then next.

It will be interesting how all this plays out. Keep checking back for all the latest Chychrun rumors.

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