Will Patrick Kane become a Toronto Maple Leaf?
NHL trade rumors for August 24, 2022 feature Patrick Kane. Are the rumors true that Patrick Kane will be traded to the Toronto Maple Leafs?

There have been a plethora of Patrick Kane to the Leafs rumors over the past few days, but one thing is lacking in all these NHL trade rumors about Kane. A true source.

Anyone that runs a social media account or blog/website on hockey knows this is the slowest time of the year for rumors. So why not create some click bait articles to drive web traffic through speculation. I admit, it is fun to read about these Kane trade rumors.

What chatter is there on Patrick Kane to the Leafs

Elliotte Friedman has not said a word about Kane, Darren Dreger is on holidays, Frank Seravalli, nothing, Nick Kypreos, crickets, this list goes on…

The only true source that I have come across about the Patrick Kane rumors is from Dave Poulin. ( when Poulin talks, I tend to listen, he is one smart dude)

I happened to be driving into the office a few weeks back and turned on TSN radio and there was Poulin talking about Patrick Kane.

He did mention that he believes Kane will be traded but not anytime soon. He feels it will be a NHL trade deadline deal in February 2023.

What teams are involved in the Patrick Kane rumors?

Tampa Bay Lightning

Poulin went on to say in his radio hit that he believes it will be the Tampa Bay Lightning that will make the Kane trade and not the Toronto Maple Leafs.

He feels a third team has to get involved for a Kane trade to happen and when it does, any team could fit Kane into a teams salary cap.

Edmonton Oilers

There is no true source tying Patrick Kane to the Edmonton Oilers.

The betting websites are the ones driving the Kane rumors to the Oilers. They have Edmonton with the best odds to land Kane.

Buffalo Sabres

If you were into free agent frenzy back in July and watching the TSN broadcast, you will know that they did discuss a Patrick Kane trade.

Ray Ferraro and Jeff O’Neill both mentioned that Kane will end up a Sabre. He is from Buffalo, he has won three Stanley Cups, nothing to prove, so Ferraro and O’Neill feel he will end his career in his hometown.

Toronto Maple Leafs

As for the Toronto Maple Leafs and Patrick Kane. The only person I have heard associate a Kane trade to the Leafs was Cheryl Pounder in the same free agency frenzy segment with Ferraro and O’Neill.

Pounder believed Kane would become a Maple Leaf and it would be a trade deadline deal.

I know it is fun reading about all these Kane rumors you see on social media and the internet, especially for Toronto Maple Leafs fans, but the chances of him becoming a Leaf are small.

But you never know.

I am sure more Kane rumors will be popping up once NHL training camp starts in a few weeks with actual sourced material.



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