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The 2014 NHL Trade deadline has been set and, for fans and players alike, the date throws up some interesting problems.

Put the date in your diary – March 5 at 3pm Eastern Time – when the door on trades this season slams shut. Now, as arbitrary as a random date in the distant future may be, this one has serious ramifications on clubs’ trading … this winter.

The date is just a week after the Olympic break and that is of major concern for NHL fans. For many players, the Olympic break will be a chance to prove themselves outside the rink and maybe focus on forcing a deal to a new team – but for those competing at Sochi 2014 the situation is desperate.

Take Paul Stastny, for example. Many NHL betting pundits argue he is too big to move so close to the trade deadline but this forward is a special case. Stastny is in his contract year and has survived Avalanche trade rumours already. There is talk he could finally be traded after eight years if Colorado get a good deal.

However, should he play a central part in team USA winning gold (the team are one of the favourites in the latest betting), his trade price will go up, which may potentially collapse a deal away from Colorado. Meanwhile, a disappointing Olympic campaign or a serious injury would rule him out of a move. He’s in stalemate until the Games are over.

No one scheduled to play at the Olympics will move until after the break, for the risk of injury during the Games is too severe for clubs to gamble making an early move. If you’re a GM, you’re not going to trade for any Olympian until you know he is fit after Sochi.

So, expect a heck of a lot of deals to be done within the final week of trading and very few before.

2014 NHL Trade Deadline Date and Rumors



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