Washington Capitals and Montreal Canadiens logos side-by-side representing potential trade talks, with emphasis on key players like Anthony Mantha and possible acquisition Connor Garland.
Explore the latest NHL trade rumors between the Washington Capitals and Montreal Canadiens with insights into a strategic move.

NHL trade rumors are gaining momentum about a potential trade deal between the Washington Capitals and the Montreal Canadiens. The deal is strategic for both, with significant implications for their season strategies and salary cap space management.

Under the rumors being discussed, the Canadiens would absorb a substantial commitment by taking on forward Anthony Mantha’s hefty contract from the Capitals, with his $5.7 million cap hit. To sweeten the deal and compensate for this financial uptake, the Capitals are throwing in a valuable asset – a 2025 second-round pick.

In return, the Capitals are set to receive future considerations, keeping the specifics under wraps for now.

Why would the Montreal Canadiens and Washington Capitals make an Anthony Mantha trade?

The Washington Capitals need to free up cap space, and fast. With their current financial constraints, the Capitals’ roster could hit a wall by U.S. Thanksgiving, potentially derailing their season. This move could provide the Capitals the lifeline they need.

Meanwhile, the Canadiens are in a comfortable position regarding the salary cap, thanks to their ample space arising from injuries and LTIR relief. This scenario puts them in a perfect spot to accommodate Mantha’s contract, balancing the scales.

What’s more intriguing is trade speculation indicating the Capitals’ interest in Vancouver Canucks’ forward, Conor Garland. Shedding Mantha’s contract is seemingly a strategic move to gather the funds necessary to bring in a commodity like Garland, aiming to bolster their lineup immediately.

Will this trade be the lifeline the Capitals are seeking? Only time will tell.

What are NHL fans saying about a potential Anthony Mantha trade to Montreal?

Nah, the Capitals will get cap space when they trade Evgeni Kuznetzov later this year.

I have a feeling Montreal will be taking on a lot of bad contracts for draft picks.

What a disappointing career Mantha has had. So much was expected of him after his awesome junior career.

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