Adam Boqvist trade rumors. Will the Florida Panthers make a trade for the Blue Jackets defenseman?
Explore the unfolding NHL trade rumor surrounding the Columbus Blue Jackets and Florida Panthers, with a spotlight on Adam Boqvist.

The NHL season is in full swing, and as teams evaluate their early performances, NHL trade rumors inevitably swirl around the league. One such rumor that has captured the attention of fans involves the Columbus Blue Jackets and the Florida Panthers, with defenseman Adam Boqvist at the center of the discussions.

The Columbus Blue Jackets are reportedly engaging in trade dialogues concerning moving a defenseman off their roster. Adam Boqvist, a young and promising defenseman, has emerged as a notable trade candidate due to his skill and favorable contract. Boqvist’s attractive $2.6 million cap hit for the next two seasons could potentially fetch a first- or second-round pick in return, making him a valuable asset on the trading block​​.

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Why are the Florida Panthers interested trading for Adam Boqvist?

On the other side, the Florida Panthers, who are keen on bolstering their blue line, might find a suitable candidate in Boqvist to strengthen their defensive ranks. While there isn’t explicit information linking Boqvist to the Panthers, recent rumors hint at a potential interest from the Panthers in engaging in a trade with Columbus.

As both teams look to optimize their rosters for a competitive season ahead, the coming weeks could provide more clarity on this unfolding trade scenario.

What are NHL fans saying about a potential Adam Boqvist trade to the Florida Panthers?

The Canucks are the team that should be focusing on Boqvist and not the Panthers.

Columbus should be looking at trading Jack Roslovic and not Boqvist.

Boqvist is an interesting player. Looked at his results on PuckIQ. Relatively sheltered player. However against elites, his DFF%Rel has been positive the last two years on a pretty bad team.

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