Wayne Simmonds trade rumors
NHL trade rumors for October 9, 2022 feature a Wayne Simmonds trade. Teams interested in a Simmonds trade are the Sens, Philly, Yotes.

The Toronto Maple Leafs sit $2 million over the salary cap and they need to shed salary and finalize their roster before the season starts.

NHL rumors had recently starting making the rounds the the Leafs were looking to make a Wayne Simmonds trade.

The big question is, will they find a taker to make a trade for Simmonds as rosters have to be finalized by tomorrow.

What are the Leafs asking for to complete a Wayne Simmonds trade?

Elliotte Friedman reports GM Kyle Dubas sent an email to fellow GM’s letting them know Simmonds is available for a trade. The return is not important, the Leafs just want to find a team for Wayne Simmonds to play on.

Simmonds knew his job could be on the line when training camp opened and let’s hope he can find another team to play on.

I know that I’m battling for my job here. So, you just gotta put that to the back of your mind and come out and do everything the right way.

Wayne Simmonds

Three teams that could be interested in a Wayne Simmonds trade?

Ottawa Senators

The Ottawa Senators seem like the logical choice. Fans in Ottawa are not too happy with the way Austin Watson has performed and a Wayne Simmonds trade would provide some toughness for the young Senators.

Philadelphia Flyers

The Philadelphia Flyers are looking to bring back the persona of the Broad Street Bullies and a Simmonds trade might work well in Flyer land. The Wayne Train was a fan favorite in Philly and it would be great to see him back in the orange and black.

Arizona Coyotes

We all know Arizona is the place were contracts go to die. If the Maple Leafs can’t find a team willing to give Simmonds playing time, they could make the call to Arizona and see if they will take his contract for a bag of pucks.

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