Picture of Cale Makar hit on Jared McCann.
Cale Makar has a meeting with NHL player safety for his hit on Jared McCann. How many games will Makar be suspended?

Jared McCann was laid out by a Cale Makar hit in last nights Seattle Kraken game. From the video below it appears he suffered a concussion and did not return to the game.

A two minute penalty was called for interference and no major penalty was given on the hit.

How the hit transpired – Jared McCann was stopped on a breakaway and was skating into the corner after the puck went into the netting when Makar hit him into the boards. The puck was no where near McCann when he was hit.

Cale Makar has a hearing with the NHL Department of Player Safety and will most likely receive a suspension. The question is, will it be, one, two or three games?

Cale Makar hit on Jared McCann

What are NHL fans saying about the Cale Makar hit on McCann

Makar shouldn’t be on the ice as long as McCann is out. He may not be a dirty player but that was a dirty play.

This is much like the Dale Hunter hit. Player was injured because a defending player was mad they were beaten. McCann had no reason to expect that hit because he had already shot the puck several seconds before.

Before going in the penalty box, you can see Makar say, “I played to the whistle”, which he did. Still looks bad and he will get a game.

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