Seattle Kraken Mascot named Buoy
The Seattle Kraken have unveiled their new mascot named Buoy. He is a troll with Seattle Kraken branding.

It seems a lot of NHL fans are not happy with the Seattle Kraken unveiling their new mascot named Buoy. First reaction is disappointment from Kraken fans.

At first glance the Seattle Kraken mascot Buoy fits the color scheme of the Seattle Kraken and it appears the character is a troll.

It will likely take time for the fan base to warm up to Buoy. Remember the backlash Gritty got from Philly fans and the NHL in general. Now Gritty is the most popular mascot in the NHL and that is what Seattle is hoping to happen with Buoy.

Seattle Kraken Mascot Buoy

Why did the Seattle Kraken not choose a sea monster as a mascot?

Mascots are meant for kids and by selecting a sea monster as a mascot could scare away the children, and marketing to young fans is big business for the NHL, so the Kraken needed a more friendly face rather than a Davey like mascot from Pirates of the Caribbean as shown above.

Fans of the Kraken will just have to give it some time and the mascot will grow on the fan base. You think the Toronto Maple Leafs fan base was happy with Carlton the Bear when he made his debut back in 1995. Now he is part of the franchise and a hit with the kids.

NHL Mascot salaries

Doing some research online, we found NHL mascot salaries can range from 30K-60K USD / year. They are paid by game appearances.

Some MLB mascot salaries are insane. Here is what baseball mascots make.

MascotPer Match FeesSeason EarningsTeam
Wally the Green Monster$2,000 $250,000 Boston Red Socks
Phillie Phanatic$1,500 $200,000 Philadelphia Phillies
Mr Met$1,500 $200,000 New York Mets
The Oriole Bird$1,500 $200,000 Baltimore Orioles
Lou Seal$1,500 $200,000 San Francisco Giants
Homer the Brave$1,500 $200,000 Atlanta Braves
Rangers Captain$1,500 $200,000 Texas Rangers
Mr. Red$1,000 $160,000 Cincinnati Reds
Mr. Redlegs$1,000 $160,000 Cincinnati Reds
Rosie Red$1,000 $160,000 Cincinnati Reds
Orbit$1,000 $160,000 Houston Astros
Raymond$1,000 $160,000 Tampa Bay Rays
D. Baxter the Bobcat$1,000 $160,000 Arizona Diamondbacks
Dinger$800$130,000 Colorado Rockies
Pirates Parrot$800$130,000 Pittsburgh Pirates
Paws$800$130,000 Detroit Tigers
Sluggerrr$800$130,000 Kansas City Royals
Clark$800$130,000 Chicago Cubs
Billy the Marlin$600$75,000 Miami Marlins
Screech$600$75,000 Washington Nationals
Fredbird$600$75,000 St Louis Cardinals
Harry the Hawk$600$75,000 Atlanta Hawks
Mariner Moose$450$65,000 Seattle Mariners
Ace$450$65,000 Toronto Blue Jays
Stomper$450$65,000 Oakland Athletics
Swinging Friar$450$65,000 San Diego Padres
T.C. Bear$450$65,000 Minnesota Twins
Slider$450$65,000 Cleveland Indians
Bernie Brewer$500$60,000 Milwaukee Brewers
Southpaw$500$60,000 Chicago White Sox


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