Picture of Patrick Kane. Which team will he sign with in the offseason?
Who will Patrick Kane play for next season? Read about our predictions for Patrick Kane on who he could sign with.

The New York Rangers trading for Patrick Kane did not work out as planned. Kane was not the player he was during the first half of the regular season. He had been nagged by a hip injury and that really showed during the NY Rangers first round matchup against New Jersey.

Kane will not be back with the New York Rangers and that has NHL fans wondering who his future team will be next season?

Predictions on who Patrick Kane signs with next season

NHL Analyst ‘Mystic Mike’ Johnson was on TSN Radio 1050 and the question was brought up, which team will Patrick Kane play for next season?

There were two scenarios that were talked about. If Kane just wants money and a longer term deal, he will likely have to settle playing for a rebuilding team like the Arizona Coyotes, Anaheim Ducks or San Jose Sharks.

Johnson figures Kane could land a 3-year deal worth $6 million/year playing for one of the teams mentioned above.

If Patrick Kane wants to play for his hometown team, the Buffalo Sabres, Johnson figures his contract would be a two-year deal worth $3 million/year. The same sort of deal can be expected if Kane decides to play for any playoff contender.

It will be interesting to see who Patrick Kane decides to play for in the offseason.

What are NHL Fans saying about Patrick Kane’s future

Patrick Kane will re-sign in Chicago if they win the draft lottery and select Connor Bedard.

He stated in an interview he has no plans to play for a rebuilding team, that includes the Chicago Blackhawks. He is going home to Buffalo.

If Kane gets surgery and returns to the caliber of player you’d expect him to be at this point in career, he still would be no help to a rebuilding team.

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