Ottawa Senators considering trading defenseman Jakob Chychrun in NHL trade talks
Discover the latest on the Ottawa Senators’ plans to trade defenseman Jakob Chychrun ahead of the NHL trade deadline.

As the NHL trade deadline approaches on March 8, there’s growing speculation that the Ottawa Senators might shift into sell mode, with defenseman Jakob Chychrun’s name surfacing in trade talks.

Veteran hockey analyst Nick Kypreos, in a recent piece for the Toronto Star, hinted at this possibility, citing the Senators’ uncertain position in the league standings.

The interest in Chychrun is understandable. The defenseman’s blend of skill and affordability, with an average annual value of $4.6 million running through the 2024-25 season, makes him an attractive option.

Moreover, his impending unrestricted free agency in July 2025 adds a layer of urgency for the Senators to make a strategic decision.

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Exploring the Potential Trade of Jakob Chychrun by the Ottawa Senators

The Toronto Maple Leafs, Vancouver Canucks, Edmonton Oilers, Winnipeg Jets, and Dallas Stars are among the teams reportedly keen on bolstering their defense. Chychrun could be a key acquisition for any of these franchises looking to strengthen their blueline for a playoff push.

However, the departure of former general manager Pierre Dorion and the appointment of Steve Staios as interim GM could influence the Senators’ decision-making process. Staios might not have the same attachment to current players, potentially making a trade more feasible.

Yet, trading Chychrun won’t be straightforward. His 10-team no-trade clause presents a significant hurdle, and the tight NHL salary cap situation for many clubs this season complicates matters further.

For Ottawa Senators fans, the prospect of trading Chychrun might be met with skepticism. After all, his contribution to the team has been significant. But with the Senators at a crossroads, exploring trade options for Chychrun could be a practical move to realign their roster for future success.

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