Justin Faulk NHL Trade Rumors September 21, 2018
Will the Toronto Maple Leafs make a trade for Justin Faulk?

Leafs interested in Hurricanes Justin Faulk

TSN 1050: Pierre LeBrun was on the radio discussing the Toronto Maple Leafs and Carolina Hurricanes defenceman Justin Faulk. Faulk, 26, is a top-four defenseman who is under contract through next season at a $4.833 million cap hit.

LeBrun said, “I was told this summer that to some degree Carolina and Toronto did talk about him, but it didn’t go anywhere. And that might just be that Kyle Dubas was calling around the league to start getting a foundation for what’s out there over the next 12 months, who knows. But I do know that there was at least a conversation about him. But he’d be the obvious – not the obvious fit, but an obvious fit in terms of being a right-handed, top-four guy.”

LeBrun thinks that the Hurricanes are likely wanting a team to pay a “huge price” for Faulk, and a team like the Maple Leafs may not be interested in doing that right now.

Does Mark Stone want to be traded?

Ottawa Citizen: Until Mark Stone get’s signed or traded, he will be the subject of trade rumours, innuendo and speculation this season.

Long-time TVA sports reporter Louis Jean stated on a talk show that Stone is frustrated with the rebuilding approach taken by the team and would welcome a trade.

“What I’ve been told is Mark Stone does not want to be in Ottawa anymore,” is the Google translate from French to English of what Jean said. “He does not want to play in Ottawa anymore. He is frustrated because he sees the direction the club is going. The team is not able to retain their good players.”

The speculation on his future will continue to run strong until he is either signed or traded.



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