William Nylander NHL Trade Rumors September 13, 2018
Could William Nylander be traded to the Ottawa Senators for Erik Karlsson?

Will the Leafs sign or trade William Nylander?

Toronto Sun: Lance Hornby reports William Nylander remains in Sweden and rumors of a significant gap for a winger with 135 points in his first 185 NHL games.

Nylander, through agent Lewis Gross, seeks a long-term, big money deal as he comes off his entry level deal, possibly close to $8 million US a year or less in exchange for a longer term. The Leafs are likely going to keep him closer to a current comparable such as Boston’s David Pastrnak at $6.6 million.

If the Leafs and Nylander cannot agree to a deal before the season starts, would the Ottawa Senators actually contact to the Leafs to discuss a Nylander for Karlsson trade? As time goes on, this could be a real possibility!

Latest Erik Karlsson trade rumors

TSN 1050: Darren Dreger was on the radio and noted that there is a growing sense that a trade could happen in the next day or two for Erik Karlsson.

Similar to what happened with the Canadiens and Max Pacioretty, the beginning of training camp could serve as an artificial deadline in an effort to try to get something done before Karlsson’s situation becomes the focal point of media attention.

Dreger noted that the Dallas Stars, who were at one point viewed as the front-runners for Karlsson’s services, do not appear to be in the hunt at the moment. Dreger believes that Vegas could still be in the mix as well despite moving one of their top trade chips in prospect Nick Suzuki to Montreal as part of the Pacioretty deal.

If Karlsson is not traded in the next few days to either Dallas or Vegas… as mentioned above, could he be dealt to the rival Leafs? They actually might have the best offer for Karlsson with Nylander involved.



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