Jesse Puljujarvi NHL Trade Rumors October 31, 2018
With Jesse Puljujarvi being a healthy scratch for several games, will this lead him to be traded?

Latest William Nylander trade rumors

TSN Radio: Bob Mckenzie was on the radio and was asked about William Nylander. McKenzie still feels that Nylander will sign with the Toronto Maple Leafs but teams are calling and asking if he is available for a trade.

McKenzie still hears GM Kyle Dubas has been turning down teams saying, Nylander is not available for a trade. McKenzie feels the Carolina Hurricanes are the team most interested as they have salary cap space and defenceman they can trade and the Leafs would want. McKenzie did not know what defenceman the Hurricanes would trade for Nylander.

Darren Dreger was on Vancouver’s radio station and stated, “I think there are lots of teams that would obviously have interest. The Vegas Golden Knights are another team that definitely have interest in Nylander along with the Hurricanes.”

Will the Edmonton Oilers trade Jesse Puljujarvi?

TSN: Darren Dreger reports Jesse Puljujarvi has not played in the past several games and it’s caught the attention of teams around the NHL. That’s not to say Edmonton Oilers GM Peter Chiarelli’s phone is ringing off the hook, that’s not the case. And the Oilers are adamant they’re not going to trade Puljujarvi any time soon.

It is a coach’s decision and Todd McLellan has the right to choose who he puts on the ice, but what the Oilers need when Puljujarvi comes back into the lineup, and he will sooner than later, is to play better and lock down his spot.


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