Ryan McDonagh trade rumors
Will Ryan McDonagh be traded to the Toronto Maple Leafs?

Will the Toronto Maple Leafs trade for Ryan McDonagh?

TSN 1050: Darren Dreger was on the radio and was asked about the Toronto Maple Leafs. He believes the Leafs are looking at New York Rangers defenceman Ryan McDonagh. Dreger feels if the Leafs are to land McDonagh it will cost the team a 1st round pick, plus either Travis Mcdermott or Kasperi Kapanen. The question is, are the Leafs willing to give up one of their young prospects to land McDonagh?

Will Max Pacioretty be dealt at the NHL Trade deadline?

Sportsnet: Mike Johnston reports the Montreal Canadiens need to re-tool and trading Max Pacioretty would be a major step towards a rebuild. If there is a trade involving a young centreman that’s got a bright future in front of him, a trade for Pacioretty will happen. 

Are the Vegas Golden Knights interested in Erik Karlsson

TSN: Bob McKenzie reports the Vegas Golden Knights definitely aren’t sellers approaching the trade deadline and could become buyers. He believes Vegas GM George McPhee and his staff are examining all possibilities, but they could be unwilling to mortgage too much of their future for short-term gain. McKenzie also suggests they could be among the teams at least looking into the trade status of Ottawa’s Erik Karlsson.


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