Patrick Kane trade
NHL trade rumors for September 20, 2022 feature the Toronto Maple Leafs, New York Rangers and Oilers interested in a Patrick Kane trade.

Patrick Kane’s name has floated in the NHL trade rumors mill all summer long. He will be traded, but not likely anytime soon.

Kane has stated to the media that he will wait until the NHL trade deadline approaches to see who is a Stanley Cup contender and which team is a pretender.

Who are the teams interested in a Patrick Kane trade?

Frank Seravalli was on his Daily Faceoff podcast and chatted about a Patrick Kane trade. Seravalli started off his bit with stating Kane does have a full no-move clause and ultimately decides where he will want to go.

Seravalli went on to say, his sources tell him that the Edmonton Oilers, New York Rangers and Toronto Maple Leafs are his preferred destinations.

Frank believes the Vegas Golden Knights and LA kings are dark horse teams to make a Kane trade later in the season.

With a star like Patrick Kane, who is still very much in his prime, you’re not concerned about the salary being paid. You’d be willing. If it was $14 million this year, you’d bend over backwards in order to make it happen. You’d do cartwheels to make it happen. The salary cap hit is very manageable if you use a third-party broker to fit in on any team.

Frank Seravalli

Why will a Patrick Kane trade not happen until the trade deadline

There are a few reason on why Patrick Kane will not be traded until early 2023.

  1. Patrick Kane has stated he has no interest in being traded at the start of the season.
  2. He wants to see which teams are true Stanley Cup contenders and which teams are not.
  3. Everyone knows for a trade to happen involving a Stanley Cup contending team, a third team will likely have to be involved so a team like the Leafs, Rangers or Oilers can afford to take on Patrick Kane’s salary cap hit.

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