Chicago Blackhawks news

Picture of Philipp Kurashev. He has signed a two-year extension with the Blackhawks.

Philipp Kurashev inks two-year contract extension with Chicago Blackhawks

The Chicago Blackhawks have signed forward Philipp Kurashev for the next two years after he signed a $4.5 million contract extension. That gives the Blackhawks...
Picture of Connor Bedard. He has signed a 3-year entry level contract.

Connor Bedard inks 3-year entry level contract

Connor Bedard has signed his first NHL contract on his 18th birthday with the Chicago Blackhawks. He will get the maximum allowed under the...
Picture of Alexis Lafreniere. Will he be traded to the Chicago Blackhawks?

Alexis Lafreniere headed to Chicago

Alexis Lafreniere has been in the NHL trade rumors mill for well over a year. A lot was expected of the #1 overall draft...
Picture of Vladimir Tarasenko. Will he sign with the Chicago Blackhawks?

Chicago Blackhawks interested in signing Vladimir Tarasenko?

The Chicago Blackhawks are set to draft phenom Connor Bedard on Wednesday June 28 and that means the Blackhawks will be seeking some players...
Picture of Seth Jones and William Nylander. Could a trade happen this offseason?

William Nylander for Seth Jones trade in the works this offseason?

There have been a lot of NHL trade rumors floating around the Toronto Maple Leafs after their quick exit from the second round of...
picture of Connor Bedard in a Chicago Blackhawks jersey.

Connor Bedard bringing in a boat load of money for Chicago

The Connor Bedard sweepstakes also known as the 2023 NHL draft lottery was completed last night and the Chicago Blackhawks had the lottery balls...
Picture of Jonathan Toews. Which team will sign the pending free agent?

3 possible destinations for Jonathan Toews

It appears Jonathan Toews wants to continue his NHL career and it will likely not be with the Chicago Blackhawks. Toews will be 35...
Max Domi trade to Dallas

Max Domi headed to Dallas?

Max Domi has been in the NHL trade rumors mill since November when the Chicago Blackhawks entered the tank nation sweepstakes for Connor Bedard. Domi...
Patrick Kane trade Vegas or Dallas

Dallas, Vegas interested in trading for Patrick Kane

With the NHL trade deadline just over two weeks away, teams are trying to figure out what players can they trade for and can...
Max Domi trade to the Leafs

Max Domi, the perfect fit for the Toronto Maple Leafs?

The Toronto Maple Leafs are one of the top teams in the NHL but unfortunately they find themselves in the toughest division in the...