Picture of Matt Dumba. He has signed with the Arizona Coyotes.
The latest NHL news feature the Arizona Coyotes signing defenseman Matt Dumba to a one-year contract worth $3.9 million.

Matt Dumba was unable to get a contract with a playoff-contending team this coming season because of the NHL’s hard salary cap system.

Dumba has settled with the Arizona Coyotes on a one-year deal worth $3.9 million. It is a smart move by Dumba, as he will get plenty of playing minutes and powerplay time to pad some stats that will hopefully lead to a long-term contract he seeks next season as more teams will have salary cap room.

At the 2012 NHL entry draft, the Minnesota Wild selected Matt Dumba in the first round as the 7th overall pick. Throughout his 10-season career, he has played in 598 games and accumulated 236 points. He has also scored 15 playoff points in 49 games.

Dumba’s new contract does not feature a no-trade clause, so he could very well be moved at the 2024 NHL trade deadline.

What does the Matt Dumba contract mean for the Arizona Coyotes?

You can view the Arizona Coyotes salary cap with Dumba’s updated cap hit to see how the contract affects the Yotes projected cap space for 2023-24.

The Coyotes currently have $3,903,690 available cap space for the coming season.

Want to watch Matt Dumba on TV? View the Coyotes game on TV tonight.

Vince Dumba contract breakdown



What are NHL fans saying about the Arizona Coyotes signing Matt Dumba?

Wow, Dumba over valued himself and it has landed him with the Arizona Coyotes. Oops!

NHL trade deadline deal coming: Matt Dumba to the Oilers at 50% retained for Codi Ceci and a dradt pick.

Smart move by Dumba. He will get paid next year. Plus he is likely traded at some point so the Yotes get more draft assets.

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