Picture of NHL arena. Read about the latest NHL news for the 2023-24 season.
Read about NHL predictions, the schedule, players to watch in the 2023-24 season and who are the NHL award favorites?

The National Hockey League campaign is over with the results in the history books. It was a fascinating campaign and another example of how ice hockey and professional sports have generally returned from the pandemic. US sports has come out swinging. The NHL is bigger, better, stronger, and more popular than ever. So, it’ll come as no surprise to learn we can’t wait to get started on the brand-new season.

No sooner had the Vegas Golden Knights defeated the Florida Panthers in the Stanley Cup this summer, and all eyes were on the 2023/24 season. Experts predict another competitive year with the top teams and favorites battling to keep the underdogs and best of the emerging talent at arm’s length. The slate has been wiped clean, and following an off-season, well-earned break, the players are back in training.

Which team will be victorious after the 2024 NHL season? Answering that question is no mean feat, as a strong case could be made for several contenders. The leading online bookies covering everything from boxing and soccer to the NHL and best NCAAF bets offer odds and markets. Study the field, make predictions, place bets, and enjoy the show. It’s quick, simple, and secure.

Research is key

How do you make reliable predictions on the NHL season and the next round of fixtures? There are a few factors to consider, but our expert writers and ice hockey enthusiasts have selected the best. The tried and tested methods will help move you from an average armchair fan to a trusted NHL source and a significant player in the field.

The more research you do into a season or upcoming fixture, the more accurate your picks will be. As the old saying in sports goes, the harder you work, the luckier you become. Thankfully, the internet is an excellent source of information on the NHL, including fixtures, transfer gossip, confirmed trades, interviews, results, head-to-head and more.

It’s impossible to know too much about a game. Keep researching, studying the trends, monitoring movements, and revising past meetings. When you feel you’ve done the necessary groundwork, you will be ready to stick your neck on the chopping block and predict the result. That’s where we come in handy.

Keep reading as our writers bring you up to pace on the coming NHL season, including the schedule, early favorites, expected dark horses, broadcasters, and more.

NHL schedule

The 107th NHL season begins on October 10th, 2023, and runs to June 2024. What happens between those dates is a game to raise the curtain at the beginning and a final to decide the champion before dropping that curtain for another term. 

The 32-NHL member teams battle across 82 games to crown a champion. The regular season runs from that opening weekend in October to April of next year before the playoffs come into view. The teams that are good enough to guarantee their fans an extended season prepare to make it to the Stanley Cup’s decisive games.

The NHL entry draft has already occurred, with organizers, agents, scouts, and players wasting no time. Connor Bedard made history by becoming a first pick, and he’ll play his hockey at the Chicago Blackhawks this term. Will he live up to the hype and repay the faith shown in him by his new employers? Blackhawks fans hope so and can’t wait to see their new boy in action.

Pre-season begins in earnest later this summer, with some games played in Australia. For the first time in NHL history, pre-season goes Down Under, bringing the organization to Melbourne, where it will attract thousands of new fans. The Arizona Coyotes and Los Angeles Kings will entertain an Aussie audience.

Early favorites

The experts, pundits, ex-players, journalists, and traders have all had their say on how they expect the season to play out. Despite a competitive field, most agree Colorado Avalanche is the team to beat. The leading names in sports and gambling support Colorado, although they are not robust in their views.

The experts don’t always get it right and have made some glaring errors in the past. Refrain from letting their views put you off if you fancy going against the grain. Nothing can be taken for granted in this game. But it’s always helpful to check who the pundits support to reaffirm your predictions or offer an alternative view.

If the Colorado Avalanche doesn’t live up to expectations and win the Stanley Cup, which other teams are in with a shout? The Edmonton Oilers are, somewhat predictably, second in line, ahead of the Toronto Maple Leafs and the always-competitive New Jersey Devils.

NHL Dark horses

Every season presents fans with a dark horse. The team performs above all expectations and goes close to upsetting the favorites. Which team will be the NHL 2023/24 upstart? That’s impossible to predict with certainty, but researching the summer movements could help you find the right path.

The outfit that caught our eye during the early exchanges of the off-season was the Vegas Golden Knights. The team from Sin City impressed last term, but it is evident they have more in their locker. Will we see it later this year?

Making a fast start is imperative to their chances of success. The Golden Knights have already shown they have the squad, financial backing, and fanbase to achieve great things in this sport, and last year’s efforts are just the start for fans.

NHL Players to watch

Now that we know the teams to watch let’s finish by predicting which players will enjoy a memorable campaign. Like most in the NHL, we hold great expectations for Conor McDavid. 

The Edmonton Captain knows this year could cement his place in the sporting history books, but he’ll need his teammates’ help to win the Hart Memorial Trophy.

Others for your notebook are Nathan Mackinnon and Leon Draisaitl. Lindy Ruff leads the way in the Jack Adams Award list, sitting ahead of nearest rival Rod BrindAmour.


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