The NHL Department of Player Safety will not suspend Gabriel Landeskog for his hit on Kailer Yamamoto. Should he have been suspended?
Should Gabriel Landeskog been suspended for his hit on Kailer Yamamoto?

In game two of the NHL playoff series between the Colorado Avalanche and Edmonton Oilers, Gabriel Landeskog made a questionable hit on Oilers forward Kailer Yamamoto. Should he have received a suspension for the hit?

Darren Dreger reports Landeskog’s hit on Yamamoto does not invite a suspension. Landeskog appears to go through Yamamoto’s shoulder which makes the head contact unavoidable. Size difference also a factor here.

Yamamoto did not return to the game after the Landeskog hit.

Reaction to the Landeskog hit on Yamamoto from Fans

This is a blind side hit to the head. This is a suspendable hit by Landeskog.

Oilers fans are mad about a clean hit by Landeskog but simultaneously say that what Kane or Kassian did is fine. My goodness the level of delusion…

If you’re going to ignore the Landeskog hit you can’t call a chintzy slash 10 seconds later. Ultimate power trip move.

Lmaoooo NHL coaches are even softer than NBA coaches. No chance that Landeskog hit on Yamamoto was dirty

Video of Landeskog hit on Yamamoto

YouTube video


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