New Jersey Draft Pick Rumors - William Nylander; David Pastrnak; Quinn Hughes
NHL trade rumors for May 24, 2022 feature the New Jersey Devils looking to trade their 2nd overall draft pick for an impact player.

When the New Jersey Devils were announced as having the 2nd overall selection in the 2022 NHL Entry Draft, NHL trade rumors started swirling that the Devils would trade that pick for an impact player.

Elliotte Friedman was on his 32 Thoughts Podcast and reports New Jersey Devils GM Tom Fitzgerald is interested in trading the 2nd overall selection for an impact player.

Friedman went on to say in the Podcast, “I do think they will consider it and if you come up to them with a good package, and you know it better be a good package, they’re not going to say no.”

The players listed below could become available this offseason, depending on team salary cap issues, the direction the team is going. The Devils will likely have to give up their 2nd overall pick plus a blue chip prospect for a potential trade to happen.

Here are five players the Devils could trade for:

  1. Kevin Fiala, forward, Minnesota Wild (85 points, 82 GP this past season)
  2. David Pastrnak, forward, Boston Bruins (77 points, 72 GP this past season)
  3. Quinn Hughes, defenceman, Vancouver Canucks (68 points, 76 GP this past season)
  4. Timo Meier, forward, San Jose Sharks ( 76 points, 77 GP this past season)
  5. William Nylander, forward, Toronto Maple Leafs ( 80 points, 81 GP this past season)

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    • Meier is an UFA next summer, with a $10mill salary SJ can’t pay. Why give up the second pick when you can get him for free next summer and still have the 2nd pick anyway? He should be the very last piece of the puzzle.

  1. 2nd overall plus all New Jerseys 1st round picks until 2033 will get them the best of the Hughes brothers


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