Max Domi trade to the Leafs
The Toronto Maple Leafs need to add some grit to their lineup for a deep playoff run and they could target Max Domi.

The Toronto Maple Leafs are one of the top teams in the NHL but unfortunately they find themselves in the toughest division in the NHL and are likely facing the Tampa Bay Lightning in the first round.

The Leafs will have to make a trade if Tampa or Boston goes out and adds a significant piece to their lineup. But the big question everyone is asking, will GM Kyle Dubas trade a top prospect or first round draft pick? What player would the Leafs target?

Max Domi would be the perfect fit to the Leafs lineup

ESPN’s Kristen Shilton was on the Jeff Marek Show and stated that the Leafs need a top-nine forward with some sandpaper to their game.

She feels Max Domi is the perfect fit for the Toronto Maple Leafs. He had a great playoff series last year when he was with Carolina and made a difference in the Hurricanes defeating the Boston Bruins in the 2022 playoffs.

Domi is a great fit for the Leafs, he has grit, character player, excellent in the dressing room and most of all, it will not cost the Leafs a lot to acquire him.

What are fans saying about a Max Domi trade to Toronto?

Max Domi would add some interesting grit to the lineup and could be effective come post-season.

Definitely hope this isn’t true… He is not the type of player we need… We already have smaller players and we definitely need some size up front for the playoffs

The Leafs need grit, since they have none. Domi is the perfect fit.

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