Matt Dumba trade
The Edmonton Oilers and Ottawa Senators have contacted Minnesota Wild management about a Matt Dumba trade.

Matt Dumba has been in the NHL trade rumors mill for the past few years. With Dumba being an unrestricted free agent this summer and Minnesota having no salary cap space, the Minnesota Wild have a tough choice to make.

Do the Wild keep Dumba as their own rental for a playoff run, or move him in the next month or so for some assets to help build for the future.

Senators and Wild have called the Minnesota Wild

Darren Dreger was on TSN’s Insider Trading segment and reports the Ottawa Senators and Edmonton Oilers have called Minnesota Wild GM Bill Guerin about a Matt Dumba trade.

Dreger went on to say on his TV hit that from a Wild standpoint, they need him, they’re playing pretty well right now, they’re not sure they are ready to move on from Dumba. They need to decide if they want to build draft capital for the future or take a chance and keep him for the playoffs.

What are Wild fans saying about a Matt Dumba trade?

Trading Matt Dumba and having to play Alex Goligoski for the next 42+ games is far from ideal and could expose our defense further. Bill Guerin doesn’t trade Dumba unless he has at least 1 other move up his sleeve.

We need to trade him as soon as we can. We can recover without him

They should get assets for him and move on. Reload in 3 years when you have cap space

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