Picture of Mathieu Joseph. Will he be traded to the Philadelphia Flyers?
The latest NHL trade rumors for the Philadelphia Flyers feature the team making a trade for forward Mathieu Joseph.

The Ottawa Senators need to shed salary if they want to re-sign Shane Pinto and get him on the roster before the NHL season starts in two weeks.

NHL trade rumors suggest that the Philadelphia Flyers may assist the Senators by acquiring forward Mathieu Joseph and adding a sweetener to the trade.

Will Mathieu Joseph be traded to the Philadelphia Flyers?

Elliotte Friedman was on his 32 Thoughts podcast and stated that the Philadelphia Flyers have an interest in trading for Mathieu Joseph and they see a fit for him on the team.

Friedman went on to say that the Flyers want a high-end prospect added to the trade if a deal is to be completed.

There have been NHL trade rumors regarding the Senators and their potential plans for Pinto. Some sources suggest that they may choose to re-sign him instead of trading him. However, Pinto is unwilling to accept a lower salary, especially after seeing Sanderson receive an $8 million contract extension despite his limited experience of only 77 games played so far in his career.

What are Ottawa Senators fans saying about a potential Mathieu Joseph trade?

I wouldn’t be upset if Joseph was traded. He did look good playing last night though.

Sens are screwed. They have to give away a decent prospect or draft pick if they want Joseph moved.

I say the Sens hold out on Pinto. He is not worth a big contract. Take the bridge and show us what you can do.

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  1. Starting to get a little miffed with Pinto – yes he got 20 goals as a rookie, but he was also playing with two very good wingers who had sub-par years due to him. His defensive game is awful and his consistency leaves a lot to be desired (eg. 8 goals in first 10 games, 12 in last 72). Bottom line, he’s slotted in as a 3rd line player, has very little experience, has not achieved a whole lot and needs to prove what he’s worth.
    I can very easily see him scoring a $2 mil. deal and then only potting 15 goals.


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