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Howard Berger of Berger Bytes is reporting a trade could be made between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Florida Panthers for the 2014 1st overall pick.

Panthers GM Tallon has let teams know that the 1st overall pick is available for trade.

This is what Berger is reporting:

Toronto would send Dion Phaneuf, Nazem Kadri and the 8th overall pick to Florida for Ed Jovanovski and 1st overall pick. The Maple Leafs would use the 1st overall pick to select Aaron Ekblad.

What are your thoughts?


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  1. You all just don’t get it. Phaneuf needs to go. The whole league knows this. If the Leafs are to trade him, its going to have to be worth while for the other team to make this deal. Also, consider that he is regarded as being the most over rated player in the league and with a new HUGE contract that follows him everywhere he goes. I would make this deal and run. Getting out of that ridiculous contract would be priority 1 if I was Shanny and to get that first overall pick and load up on young star d-men would be amazing. I hope it happens

    • No way man! Ya Phanuef is overrated but I don’t care what anyone says that’s a huge overpayment for an unproven prospect and a 38 year old washed up d man. Phanuef plays big minutes and isn’t easy to play against. He really isn’t as bad as everyone says. I bet when he’s gone if he goes people will flip the script and miss his presents. Take Kadri out and trade Phanuef plus 8th pick for 1st overall and the # 32 pick. Your basicly rebuilding again if u trade Phanuef and Kadri for 2 prospects. They should look into Mike Richards as well I think. I really like the new rumor of swapping Phanuef for Eric Staal too. Shanny will do something I’m sure. Team needs a culture change BAD!!

      • You are right about the possibility of better trades out there but, I doubt you will get Staal for Phanuef. The whole reason why I would do this trade is for 1 reason only. The Leafs NEED to do a proper rebuild. If they are smart, they can accomplish this in 2 years. Firstly, they should do this trade (if available) draft Ekblad then dump as much contract money as they can (Loops, Bazak, Clarkson, etc.) Crap the bed this year and hope to god you end up with McDavid in next years draft. Then you end up with a core of stud young hockey players with Kessel in his prime. I know this isn’t going to happen but that’s what I would try to do.

  2. Way to much for an unproven prospect. Come on now that trade is laughable. I’d do Phanuef for 1st overall straight up. Think about it really. Dion is a proven 1 or 2 d man that plays 25 plus minutes a night. You telling me a prospect is worth dion,Kadri and 8th overall pick for a washed up garbage d man and 1st overall pick. I’d do Phanuef and 8th overall pick for Gubranson and 1st overall. Draft Bennet and play Rielly with Gubranson. What u all think?

    • Agreed, wwwaaayyyy too much for the #1 overall pick that is unproven!

      I would give up Phaneuf and our #8 for the #1. If Kadri is involved, then I would want Gubranson also.

      Howard Berger is an idiot.


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