Toronto Maple Leafs draft Kyle Dubas talking on the phone

The Toronto Maple Leafs were willing to deal the 4th overall pick at the 2015 NHL entry draft. This tells Leaf fans the team was not satisfied with Mitch Marner. Did the Leafs make a mistake drafting Marner and not taking Noah Hanifin?

The Columbus Blue Jackets draft video shows the Leafs offered pick No. 4 for picks No. 8, 34, 38, 58.

If the Arizona Coyotes didn’t take Hanifin, the Leafs were interested in moving away from the Mitch Marner selection in order to move back with the Columbus Blue Jackets, according to a video released on Jackets TV.

GM Jarmo Kekalainen, confident that they can draft Zach Werenski, who he says is “so close” with Noah Hanifin, at eighth overall, decides not to make the move.

View the video below:

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  1. You suggestion that the Leafs were not happy with Marner just doesn’t add up.
    What it means that the Leafs would have dropped four places (and maybe not draft Marner) but would have received three additional picks….8, 34, 38, 58.
    The Leafs could have Hanifin Provoff or Werenski at 4, but were happy with Marner.
    The Leafs wanted to draft a forward and Philly and CBJ a defencemen .
    Interestlingly, the Leafs trade their 20th? pick with Philly and then Philly’s picks to Columbus for a total of four picks.
    Like the video coverage but not not the writer’s conclusion


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