Joel Edmundson trade to Boston
The Boston Bruins are looking to add a gritty defenseman to the lineup and are looking at Habs defenseman Joel Edmundson.

The Boston Bruins are on pace to beat the most points by a team in an NHL season set by the Montreal Canadiens with 132 points in a season. If the Bruins keep up their current pace, they will end up with 133 points.

Despite the B’s having an amazing year, it has not stopped GM Don Sweeney to seek a rugged stay-at-home defenseman.

Bruins interested in a Joel Edmundson trade

Chris Johnston was on TSN Radio 1050 and was asked about what moves the Boston Bruins could make as the NHL trade deadline approaches.

Johnston feels the Bruins should target Montreal Canadiens defenseman Joel Edmundson. He is the type of player that fits the Bruins style of play and is a proven playoff warrior.

What is also enticing to Boston is Edmundson has a Habs salary cap hit of $3.5 million with another year left on his contract which would make him a value trade and no rental.

What are fans saying about a Joel Edmundson trade to Boston?

Edmundson isn’t going to put a team over-the-top so asking for a top prospect or 1st is just posturing by management. I think they’d gladly take a 2nd or a 3rd + mid tier prospect. If they get more than that, its an absolute fleece job by Montreal.

Edmundson is a decent defender but not any better than he is now. Kind of risky too due to his recent injury issues.

Gritty defensive defenseman who’ll stand up for their team are rare nowadays, I hope the Bruins do make a trade for him.

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