Jakob Chychrun
NHL trade rumors for September 22, 2022 feature Jakob Chycrun and his desire to be traded to a Stanley Cup contender.

Jakob Chychrun has been the the NHL rumors mill for about a year and the Arizona Coyotes still can’t find a team for their asking price. The asking price for a Chychrun trade that was reported by Sportsnet’s Jeff Marek last year is a first round draft pick and a blue chip prospect.

Not many teams want to give that up, but Chychrun, 24, still has three years left with a Coyotes salary cap hit of $4.6 million and that is why the asking price is so high. He can put up points and at 6’2″ and 220 pounds, he makes his physical presence known to opposing players.

What teams are interested in a Jakob Chychrun trade

Ottawa Senators

The Ottawa Senators are expecting to contend for a playoff spot this year and if they miss out, they are likely playoff contenders next season. The Sens have been one of the teams reported by many media outlets of a possible trade destination for Chychrun.

If they want the Yotes defenceman, it will cost them their 2023 first round pick and likely Jake Sanderson.

New Jersey Devils

Like the Ottawa Senators, the New Jersey Devils are done rebuilding and want to be a playoff contender. Darren Dreger at the 2022 NHL Entry Draft reported that the Devils were offering up their 2nd overall pick in a Jakob Chychrun trade.

If the Devils want to complete a trade, it will cost them Simon Nemec or a 2023 1st round pick plus a top prospect.

Jakob Chychrun wants to be on a Stanley Cup contender

Jakob Chychrun currently does not have a no-trade clause in his contract for this year, but it is believed that the Arizona Coyotes will honor his request and be traded to a playoff contending team.

“It’s kind of a mutual position for me to get moved on to a situation with a chance to win and a team that’s fighting for the Stanley Cup and for them here to be able to get assets. I understand how rebuilds work. I think it could be mutually beneficial.”

Jakob Chychrun

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