Jakob Chychrun trade to Buffalo
Will the Buffalo Sabres make a trade for Arizona Coyotes defenseman Jakob Chychrun? The ask is still two first round picks and prospect.

The Jakob Chychrun trade front has been quiet these past four weeks but it appears his name is once again floating in the NHL trade rumors mill.

Chychrun has been tied to the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Ottawa Senators and it appears another Atlantic Conference team is showing interest in the sought after defenseman.

Buffalo Sabres closing in on a Jakob Chychrun trade

Elliotte Friedman was on the Jeff Marek Radio Show yesterday and was asked about where he thinks Jakob Chychrun could end up.

Friedman stated in his radio hit that a Chychrun trade to the Buffalo Sabres makes sense. Elliotte feels the Sabres are getting pushed around a little too much and with Chychrun being a bigger guy (6’2″, 210lbs) would be a perfect fit for the playoff contending team.

Friedman is not convinced Sabres management will pay the steep price of two first round picks and a top prospect.

What are fans saying about a Chychrun trade to Buffalo?

Gotta be willing to part with one of the blue chip prospects. I’d offer Casey Mittelstadt, Noah Ostlund, ‘2023 1st and one of the 2nds.

I think team’s are starting to realize that dealing with Arizona is a nightmare—first round picks, no retainment, top-six players in every trade rumor that is out there. Insane.

I’d offer Jacob Bryson, a choice of Isak Rosen, Noah Ostlund or Prokhor Poltapov, 2023 top 5 protected 1st and a minor prospect like Josh Bloom. If draft pick gets pushed they get a 2023 2nd too.


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